The Mapping Challenge Process, PON vs. Active Ethernet, and Market Pricing| Episode 59 of the Connect This! Show

Join us live on Friday, December 2nd, at 2:00pm ET for the latest episode of the Connect This! Show. Co-hosts Christopher Mitchell (ILSR) and Travis Carter (USI Fiber) will be joined by regular guests Kim McKinley (UTOPIA Fiber) and Doug Dawson (CCG Consulting). 

They start the show by talking about early sticking points in the FCC’s new mapping fabric, and what kinds of troubles providers are having in submitting data sets. The panel then talks about types of fiber deployments (GPON vs. XGSPON vs. Active Ethernet) and their longevity, scalability, and marketplace economics as compared to cable networks, fixed wireless networks, and Low-Earth Orbit satellite networks. They close the show by talking about the fundamental role of government in delivering essential services and innovation.

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